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Welcome to Ludo, a multichain discoverability platform offering you easy access to all kinds of NFTs and the best Metaverse experiences and apps, Ludo API makes it easier for developers to rapidly develop their application by leveraging the features provided. Ludo API can be accessed via RestAPI, WebSocket and GraphQL.

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You will find all the information you need about our API endpoints in the API Reference page.


Ludo API Reference

Explore all the API endpoints with the ability to test our API endpoints right from your browser.


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Join our Discord community if you are looking for additional support from our team and the opportunity to discuss Web3, NFTs, discuss future requests and engage with other developers around Ludo API.



Here you can find guides to get familiar with the basic usage of the functionalities that are provided by Ludo API.

List of Supported Blockchains and Markets

Ludo API supports data from more many blockchains and markets, below is a list of the Blockchains and NFT Markets that are supported by Ludo API with more to come in the future.

EthereumMagic Eden, Rarible, NFTrade, Nifty Gateway and Opensea
AvalancheNFTrade, Opensea
BNB Smart ChainBinance, SCV Finance, NFTrade, Billion Happiness and Opensea
PolygonRarible, NFTrade, Nifty Gateway and Opensea
Polygon zkEVM
Arbitrum Nova
TezosRarible, Teia and Objkt Tezos
SolanaSolsea, Magic Eden, Rarible, Solanart and Opensea
MultiversXDead Rare