API Endpoints

Overview of all the features that Ludo API offers you!

In this section you will find a list of all the API endpoints of the Ludo API along with a description, if you need more information on each endpoint then visit our API Reference.

GraphQL and WebSocket



DescriptionAPI MethodAPI Endpoint
Categorize NFTsPOSThttps://rest-v1.ludo.ninja/ai/categories
Get the address of an ENS nameGEThttps://rest-v1.ludo.ninja/ens/{name}
Get the ENS name of an addressGEThttps://rest-v1.ludo.ninja/addresses/{address}/ens
Get all the supported markets by the Ludo APIGEThttps://rest-v1.ludo.ninja/info/markets
Get all the supported BlockchainsGEThttps://rest-v1.ludo.ninja/info/blockchains
Get All NFTs by address on a specific blockchainGEThttps://rest-v1.ludo.ninja/wallets/{blockchain}/{walletAddress}
Search NFTs by name, contract address, owner address, creator address and blockchainGEThttps://rest-v1.ludo.ninja/nfts
Fetch contract details by contract address on a blockchainGEThttps://rest-v1.ludo.ninja/contracts/{blockchain}/{contractAddress}
Fetch all NFTs which are owned by a contract on a blockchainGEThttps://rest-v1.ludo.ninja/contracts/{blockchain}/{contractAddress}/nfts